Other Services


File your taxes and get your tax refund back fast. It is your money so make sure you get as much of it back as possible. Our professional customer service representative will work with you to make the process quick and hassle free. There is no appointment needed and no out-of-pocket upfront costs for using GC-1 etax Partners, LLC.

Tax preparation services offered by GC-1 etax Partners, LLC, a separate and unaffiliated company.

Bill Payment Services

Pay your bills at California Check Cashing Stores™! Just bring your bill and have them paid electronically. The fee for each bill payment is $1. Payments are accepted for over 1000 billers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Dish Network, DirecTV, Charter, and Capital One.

DMV Registration Renewal

Don’t waste time in line or making an appointment. Come to California Check Cashing Stores™ and renew your tags. Not available at all locations.

Money Orders

When you need a reliable, convenient way to pay bills and make purchases, look no further than Western Union® Money OrderSM payment instruments. Use them to make purchases, to give a gift, to pay bills or use them when cash and checks aren’t accepted.

We also cash money orders.

A fee may apply for cashing or purchasing money orders.

Prepaid Cellular

Don’t worry about long term contracts. Get a prepaid cellular phone and buy air time as you need it.
Not available at all locations.

Long Distance Phone Cards

Need to make a long distance call but don’t want to carry a pocket full of change? Come in today and purchase a phone card. Not available at all locations.


Need stamps? Avoid that trip to the post office.


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